Apple Opening

Apple Store Opening, Michigan Ave., Chicago

I am such a Mac junkie.


Don’t even ask me how many Macs I have owned, currently own, and using at work, at home and on the road. When Apple opened a store on Michigan Ave. about two years ago, I was in heaven. Especially that, at that time, it was a block away from my part time job and on the same street as my full time job about a mile down south! Now it’s two short train rides away :-(. Stayed on the line that snaked around the block twice for two hours just to get that free T-shirt. It was well worth it.

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Lake Shore Drive

Photographer on Lakeshore Drive and Fullerton
Winter, Chicago

A view of downtown Chicago (Streeterville area) from Lake Shore Drive and Fullerton.

This is the photograph that inspired the creation of this site. Taken last year at about this time. Went to one of my favorite places to photograph Chicago. As soon as I stepped into the pedestrian walk from the access road from Lakeshore Drive, what did I see? but a photographer taking a picture of downtown Chicago. Since then, I’ve been aware of the kindred spirits around me also trying to take that perfect photograph.

Stalking the San Jacintos


San Jacinto and San Bernardino Mountains.

This is the high desert country of California, folks. Took a vacation last summer in … Palm Springs, CA. People thought I was crazy, but hey, someone offered me a house in Palm Springs. Don’t care if it was 110 degrees F. A house with a pool in Palm Springs! For free. Took a side trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Very beautiful place. This was taken there. I wasn’t the only one who had the same idea, I found out.

Shooting the Niagara

Canadian Niagara

Taken Winter 2001. We were supposed to go to New Orleans for vacation. But when I started the car, the car had other ideas. It went north instead, to Canada. Toronto is actually a great city to visit during Christmas. Lots of things to do and see. And because this was just after 9/11, it was cheap. We planned to drive back on I-80. But we were caught in Buffalo (Tonowonda actually), NY in one of the worst blizzards in years! The area was buried in nine feet of snow. Stayed in a dinky little hotel. With vending machine food. For three days. Best adventure I had in years, I tell you.